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Joe Wu
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Name: Joe Wu
Nickname: Kumo
Year of Birth: 1980
Zodiac: Metal Monkey
Ethnicity: Chinese
School: P.S.200, Mark Twain IS239, LaGuardia HS for Music and Art, School of Visual Arts

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Favorite artists:

Hokusai, James Victore, Saul Bass, Paula Scher, Andy Warhol, Yoshimoto Nara


Asian American International Film Festival, Media That Matters Film Festival, Asian CineVision, Arts Engine

Turn On’s:

passion. knowledge. creativity. compassion. wittiness.

Turn Off’s:

dishonesty. laziness. envy.

Last Meal on Earth:

Tenkaippin Ramen with slow braised pork belly.

What would you say is your chief characteristic?

Adaptability. Those who can adapt to change are more adept to changing environments. I've learned to be flexible with all things I do, to be aware that no matter how solid plans are, things will change. This can be applied to all things, whether it's work-related, interpersonal relationships.

If not yourself, who would you be?

My father. He's always been a mystery to me. I think this is common amongst Asian men. I want to know what it's like in his shoes. He's made many what I consider to be accomplishments during very difficult times, yet he's stayed so humble and modest about it. He's the rock of my family, always solid, always assured.

What is your “community?”

Gay, Chinese, Asian, Artist, Design, Blog, Online,

What inspires you?

everything. even the mundane things.

When did you know you were going to be an artist?

I've always known. It was a matter of deciding if I wanted to pursue it. After attending some art classes in preschool in China, I've always been the best in class, so I knew then that it's something I can do well. Subsequently going to every school with an arts program, it just came naturally that there was a path ahead of me.

Where can people find you?

Online. or at a cafe, tea house on my laptop.

What’s next?

Another city probably. Or set up shop here in SF. San Francisco was supposed to be a two year stint, but it's obviously going to last longer than planned. If all goes well, I might set up shop here and start nesting. I eventually want to build a silk-screening studio and put on shows in small galleries, possibly an online shop too.

Anything else?

Listening to your heart has a price. But that price is well worth it.
and... There is no beginning and end, there's only now.

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