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Gay Asian Pacific Alliance

Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA)

Community Representative:

Kevin Jim


Membership Chair

Year Founded:



Dino Duazo, Donald Masuda, and many others

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Organization’s Reach:

Bay Area and beyond. Approximately 200 in membership. We also have a strong network with other LGBT API organizations in the SF Bay Area.

Organization Colors:

What is your organization’s mission and cause?
GAPA's mission is to further the interests of gay & bisexual Asian/Pacific Islanders by creating awareness, by developing a positive collective identity and by establishing a supportive community.

What are some of the programs available through your organization?

We have a variety of social, political, and cultural activities/events throughout the year.

GAPA organizes fun social activities that include parties, speed dating, sports, and hiking. GAPA Rap and GAPA 35+ are conversation groups for gay API men to chat, socialize, and learn from each other in a friendly, safe space setting.

GAPA supports artistic and cultural events designed to showcase our community's talents in the arts. Runway is our annual Mr. and Miss GAPA pageant, where contestants flaunt their most creative inclinations. The GAPA Men's Chorus Showcase the vocal music talent of gay API men, and performs at numerous events. We also put together cultural shows that feature music, dance, and theatre.

GAPA advocates for, and educates members and the public on key issues that affect the A&PI and LGBT communities. We make political endorsements, organize educational forums, and are involved in various political activities.

GAPA's George Choy Memorial Scholarship helps support the next generation of leaders by giving scholarships to deserving college students already making a difference in our communities.

What is the history behind your organization?

In July 1987, several members from the Asian Gay Men's Support Group at Berkeley's Pacific Center met and discussed the need to integrate and nurture a growing gay and bisexual A&PI identity and to foster postive role models within our community. After several month meetings and a business retreat, the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance was formally organized in January 1988.

What motivates you to continue to work with your organization?

I discover GAPA many years ago as I was just coming out of the closet and searching for my identity as a gay man. I met many people from GAPA who inspired me to get more involved with the organization. I feel that GAPA still has a strong relevance to the gay community after all these years. Though not as busily involved with the organization as in the years past, I still try to lend a helping hand from time to time.

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