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In Search of Roots

In Search of Roots

Community Representative:

Ryan Kimura



Year Founded:



Lowell Kimura, Donna Kimura, Ryan Kimura

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What is your organization's mission and cause?

Pika Pika is all about bringing smiles and good times to all who enter.  We have 9 sticker booths straight from Japan, each one stocked with different poses and tons of different backgrounds.  Pika Pika is the spot to create your own sticky pictures.  That's right: not only are you getting high quality photos, but you also get individualized stickers!  So get your friends, take your pics, and decorate 'em however you want!  Then just cut 'em, peel 'em, and stick 'em!  Our newest addition are our Pikapeeps!  We take your picture and turn you into a customized mascot puricube keychain!  Turn yourself into a cat, dog, hero, or even a dinosaur! 

What are some of the programs available through your organization?

At Pika Pika we have hosted birthday parties, company parties, as well as fundraisers.  Fundraisers at Pika Pika are a great way to make awesome memories for great causes.

What is the history behind your organization?

It all started with my parents.  About 2 weeks before coming back home from doing the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program, they called and told me there was this photo shop for sale in Japantown.  I knew where they were talking about because c'mon...I had my fair share of sticky pix when I was in high school.  So they asked me if I wanted to buy it with them, and at the time I was really getting into photography so I was like, "Sure!"

Then a week after that I met my supplier for the Purikura back to San Francisco on August 19th, 2006, and our first day was September 1, 2006!  As for the name "pikapika," a friend and I were thinking about what would be "cutesy," easy to remember, and fun....

and we came up with "PIKAPIKA" because all of our high school students in Japan would say it.

Since opening in 2006, Pika Pika has slowly started to grow with more machines, and more services.

What motivates you to continue to work with your organization?

The smiles, the laughs, and the great energy from my customers keeps me going.  There is so much positive energy, excitement and happiness in the shop when customers get their Pika Pika pics.  It makes me smile and reminds me of how fun it is to have this place.  Also, being a part of the Japantown community is a huge motivation for me. I want to make sure Japantown continues to grow and thrive!

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