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Nicholas Chan



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What is your organization’s mission and cause?

The general mission of the collective is to build and maintain both artistic relationships and business connections. The collective lends a sense of community to both the individual and the artistry that he/she attempts to harness. In turn, the collective becomes a continuing education outside of any sort of developed institution. It is also a means to maneuver more easily in to public presentation, gallery showings, or entrepreneurship of one's artistic integrity. This is an important dialogue to have because ultimately we become a part of a movement (economic, cultural, artistic, political, social, etc.). Our work extends beyond the personal: it is informed by history, surrounding politics, cultural dynamics, and the unknown future. In understanding that we take part in a larger dialogue than just ourselves (and our communities), we realize that we have a more profound effect on the world than we might have previously imagined. The collective is focused on building bridges: for artists connecting with each other and for artist communities connecting with a greater community. As a collective, harnessing our energy and localizing our efforts with our works has never seemed so important.

What are some of the programs available through your organization?


  • Co-operative gallery
  • Online Art Vending
  • Print Sales Website
  • Marketing Services (Community, Organizations, Small Businesses)
  • Freelance Design

What is the history behind your organization?

A group of Santa Cruz Alumni artists bound by commitment to collaboration, higher artistry, and maintenance of artistic community. The group consists of 30 artists (from different disciplines, including visual art, theater art, slam poetry, and performative art). With this collective, the artists hope to achieve a greater dialogue (with each other and their viewers) about their artistic vision, its interaction with social forces, and the alchemy within collaborative spaces. The collective was founded in 2008.

What motivates you to continue to work with your organization?

I believe strongly that artists are keys to progression. It is crucial that we support innovative thinkers and the creative solutions that they can provide, especially in times of economic hardship. Building bridges for intelligent artists to reach industries or organizations or communities has never been more important. I am motivated by the overwhelming hope and faith I have in art's ability to help sustain people and their communities.

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