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Ashbury Images

Ashbury Images

Community Representative:

Andrea D. Cherng


Marketing & Business Development Manager

Year Founded:


Organization’s Reach:

1800 at-risk youth have received jobs, training, and one-on-one support since 2002!

What is your organization’s mission and cause?

Ashbury Images is a non-profit social enterprise offering custom screen-printed apparel, embroidered apparel, and promotional products.

100% of our proceeds are reinvested into our youth programs so that more jobs, job-training, and supportive community can be provided to at-risk youth in San Francisco.

What are some of the programs available through your organization?

Ashbury Images is a job-training center for youth who have histories of extreme poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse.

Ashbury provides 6 month paid, full-time, job internships and individualized case management to all youth interns.

At Ashbury, youth learn how to work and gain the foothold they need to embark on a path towards self-sufficiency. 90% of youth who complete our job training programs remain employed and/or are in school six months later!

What motivates you to continue to work with your organization?

The impact of our programs on our youth clients.

"Ashbury Images gives you a chance to make something of yourself. It gives you the chance to get your life started - to get that ball rolling - to start getting on the right path." - Youth Intern (age 20)

"Ashbury Images is a form of hope. If you have hopes in education, hopes in work, they will help you achieve those goals." - Youth Intern (age 18)