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the artist

Neil Torrefiel
Hometown: San Jose, California

Nickname: Neito
Year of Birth: 1983
Zodiac: Boar
Ethnicity: Filipino
School: San Jose State University
Occupation: Webmaster
Specialties: Web/graphic design

Favorite artists:

de Chirico, Rothko, Tanguy, Dalí, Miró


Design 4 a Cause

Turn On’s:


Turn Off’s:

Seeing ice cream fall off the cone, onto the pavement. Major fail.

Last Meal on Earth:

Donuts and Jello

What would you say is your chief characteristic?

I like to think, too much, in color.

If not yourself, who would you be?


What is your “community?”

My community is the Gay community. My home.

What inspires you?

Designers that think outside the box.

When did you know you were going to be an artist?

I knew I was going to be a designer when I realized I was fashionably adept.

Where can people find you?

Out there.

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