Bok Choy Apparel

the artist

Charlie Trung Nguyen
Hometown: Santa Ana, California

Year of Birth: 1987
Zodiac: Rabbit
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
School: Self-taught
Occupation: Student
Specialties: Graphic design/Photography

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Asian Pacific American Coalition, Cal Queer and Asian

Turn On’s:

Appreciation of music and food, sense of humor and wit, intelligence, passion and compassion, good conversations, curiosity

Turn Off’s:

Arrogance, indifference, intolerance, caution, narrow-mindedness

Last Meal on Earth:


What would you say is your chief characteristic?

I'm insatiably curious. I took a bite of the apple at birth and have been smitten ever since. The best way to get my attention and keep it is to tell me anything and everything. Learning is a form of growth, and I intend to keep learning and being curious until the day I die.

If not yourself, who would you be?

Anyone and everyone. What's more amazing than to slip into someone else's shoes and see what they see, experience what they experience, know what they know?

What is your “community?”

I'm a queer second-generation Vietnamese American male youth coming from a diverse multi-ethnic town trying to make the world a better place. Anyone who respects that, I'd be proud to consider you part of my community.

What inspires you?

People who know what they want and do their part to change the world.

When did you know you were going to be an artist?

I'm an artist? If you say so.

Where can people find you?

Lost in thought. I never mind company though.

What’s next?

Just wait and see.

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designs by the artist

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