Bok Choy Apparel

the artist

Charles Tsai
Hometown: San Diego, California

Year of Birth: 1988
Zodiac: Dragon
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
School: John Hopkins University
Occupation: Student
Specialties: Painting, Music, Photography


Kearny Street Workshop,

Last Meal on Earth:

Little HoHo’s


Eating, Music, Organizing, Publishing, Visual Arts

Turn On's:

multiples of three, opinions, wit, passion, musical climaxes, sarcasm, food

Turn Off's:

disrespect on any level

Last meal on earth:

mom's cooking AKA anything from Southern Taiwan

Favorite artist:

Hisaishi, Shiina Ringo, Rothko

My inspiration:


Where could you find me:

somewhere in the bay area eating a pint of Cherry Vanilla Häagen-Dazs as a pre-dinner snack

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Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 2

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designs by the artist

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